A SHORT TRIP TO BERLIN. We flew to Berlin for a quick wander around the city and quickly fell in love with the vibrant energy of each borough. Mitte was the first area we went, browsing a few museums on Museum Island, and taking in the warm atmosphere of the Monbijoupark before exploring some graffiti … Continue reading 24 HOURS IN BERLIN

Tom’s 28th birthday

Tom will always have the best birthdays, full of sheer joy and so much fun. He puts in the most effort of anyone I know, ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves and truly we all look forward to July each year. The theme this year was a pirate party, including a treasure hunt, boat races on … Continue reading Tom’s 28th birthday

Alice & Matt

My cousin Alice got married on the 17th of July at St Johns College. Both she and her fiancé were alumni from the University so it was the perfect setting for their big day. I wasn’t the official photographer so I just documented the day and the people who came to celebrate, though I couldn’t … Continue reading Alice & Matt