Puppy love

Sorry for the puppy overload, but I totally fell in love with this adorable pup. I had to tear myself away from him which was one of the hardest things to do. If I lived in Sarajevo I would have adopted about 10 dogs so far as there are sadly so many strays. Continue reading Puppy love

Svrzo House, Sarajevo

On a rainy afternoon I took a trip to the Svrzo House, an Ottoman era traditional home for an affluent family. The wonderful thing about this incredibly well preserved home/museum is a that you can wander around and explore on your own at your leisure. The gardens are really beautiful too and you can just … Continue reading Svrzo House, Sarajevo

On the road

Some of my favourite photographs happen unexpectedly, when you’re barely prepared and have to run and grab your camera to catch that moment. Driving through Bosnia there were many beautiful landscapes but this was my favourite. Thankfully there was a place to stop the car and the lighting was just perfect. Continue reading On the road