Radio silence

January and February are my two hardest months, I really struggle with the weather and have a total lack of motivation to photograph or post hence the total absence on my blog updates. Sorry about that! I have still been photographing on my phone and mostly update my Instagram. Continue reading Radio silence

Top 9 on Instagram

It’s a mixture of travels to Bosnia, Croatia and Aruba as well as hometown Cambridge scenes that were my most liked pictures from instagram. I’m always grateful to be able to travel and experience different cultures and changes of perspective, but lucky I live in such a picturesque city which shows you can take some … Continue reading Top 9 on Instagram

2016 in photos

After this incredibly long and universally tumultuous year we’ve all just endured (and somehow survived) I wanted to look over the good moments and be grateful for them and for friends and family who’ve made it possible. So bring it on 2017, I hope you have something better in store for us! January I had … Continue reading 2016 in photos

Merry Christmas

Happy holidays everyone, wishing you all have a great festive period with loved ones. Last night was spent at the traditional christmas eve gathering at the Eagle pub, today was family time with my aunt and later this week we’re having a friends christmas celebration. Continue reading Merry Christmas