Golden Gate Park

I love how wild parts of Golden Gate park feel, with Bison, hawks, racoons and I even saw a large terrapin being put back into the lake as it had wandered out into the road! There also seemed to be a thick fog which descended every afternoon while we were there which added to feeling … Continue reading Golden Gate Park

Bairro Alto

On our final full day in Lisbon the temperature finally dropped to around 28C so it was possible to walk around all those hills without sweating profusely and having to sit down to cool off every ten minutes! We walked from our Neighbourhood in Campo de Ourique towards the lively Bairro Alto area. We had … Continue reading Bairro Alto

LX Factory

We spent an afternoon hanging out at the LX Factory which really reminded me of Berlin in terms of vibe. There are some great shops here as well as plenty of restaurants/bars and cafes, with some really interesting art and graffiti to be seen. Continue reading LX Factory