Some days

I wish things were easier. Some days, I wish I was much further in life than I am. So much time to catch up on, lost or misplaced on the wrong problems. But there is only here and now, no past or future exists in the present. There is just this moment, and this moment … Continue reading Some days

Just two

Somehow it’s already June and we’re nearing the middle of the year. It really feels like time is flying and I have lost all track of it. Whilst the job hunt is somewhat erratic – I keep going through spurts of searching for days and feeling generally demotivated, giving up and turning to other things … Continue reading Just two

There’s nothing better than sitting outside with good friends by the river. It’s so nice when the sun stays out longer and it’s light enough to take photographs at 8pm. There is a softness in late evening that I just love. Continue reading

When I was younger I used to think 25 was so old. I assumed it meant growing up, being serious, working, slowing down and giving up unrealistic dreams. Now I keep thinking to myself ‘but I’m only 25!’ or ‘wow, they did all that in their twenties!’ and feeling both daunted and inspired by others’ … Continue reading

It’s been so many months since I was last in New York and the time is growing closer to when I can go again. I keep dreaming of the warm humid air, those wonderful canopied trees and the constant humming electricity of the city. I’m itching to sit in Central Park, cycle to Brooklyn Heights … Continue reading