On Saturday there was a reunion for the alumni of Crist’s College that my friends have organised for work and I took some photographs for the event. It was a lovely day and they did a great job, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! Continue reading

Sometimes I just want to be alone. Sometimes I cannot stand it, and my loneliness causes great anxiety to stir up inside. As long as I’m busy and occupied it feels manageable, but my mind is always racing and so are my actions. I get things done and then I’m left feeling alone again. Too … Continue reading

Somewhat disjointed

Photography is essentially a moment in the past. It forever immortalises a time that has gone by and cannot be replaced. The act of photographing has often been connected with capturing a moment in time, yet it so often belies the reality. A single image is merely a fraction of the truth. Continue reading Somewhat disjointed

Some days

I wish things were easier. Some days, I wish I was much further in life than I am. So much time to catch up on, lost or misplaced on the wrong problems. But there is only here and now, no past or future exists in the present. There is just this moment, and this moment … Continue reading Some days