Don’t draw attention to your flaws, no one else cares. Accept compliments. Accept criticism. Listen to music that you like. Listen to it daily. Read more. Spend hours outside. Walk everywhere. Cycle the rest of the time. Change up your routine. Go somewhere new. Travel. Never stop travelling. Give people a chance. Dance, even if … Continue reading Thoughts

It would be much appreciated if the rain would ease up soon. Or at least it would be nice to have more light. The main reason I want to go away and travel in order to take photographs, is because there is generally more sunlight and photographs are impossible without light. I find myself fighting … Continue reading

I really struggle with the idea of constantly attempting to get somewhere and achieve something. One part of me strives to get ahead, whilst the other realises that there is no real joy in that process. There is probably some naivety in believing that things can be as they are, but acceptance has been a … Continue reading

A few things

Good things: Frieze art fair I wish I could go! Deer Beds by Katherine Wolkoff These photographs are so beautiful and such an interesting concept. Humans of New York I love watching other people photographing, and especially as it’s NYC related. I wish I had to guts to go out there and just ask people … Continue reading A few things


I’m working on a new project, much too long after being burned out from final work & graduation last year. It feels really good thinking about new ideas and planning things I want to do. I miss shooting film as there’s fewer and fewer places to develop it here, so I think I sort of … Continue reading Ideas


I like words. I like learning and discovering words. There are times when we have ideas and notions running around in our minds, unable to fully express or really comprehend our own inner monologues. Then, we discover that there is a word, just one word, that describes exactly how we feel and think and yet … Continue reading Words