Teri aki

On Wednesday we had a dinner for Rach as she was flying back to Berlin the following day. It was so nice to be with the old gang and have a chilled out meal at our fave Japanese place. I had a really good rice and tofu curry and the others mostly split sushi dishes. Continue reading Teri aki

Dinner at Sam’s

On Saturday evening we had a small gathering at Sam’s beautiful house with Chloe, Tom, Ellen and Sanmita. The food was delicious and we told stories late into the night. After a pretty rough week involving hospital visits and work woes, I feel even more grateful for the wonderful people in my life. Continue reading Dinner at Sam’s

The Weekend

This weekend was great, one of my best friends celebrated her birthday with dinner at the Brew House on Saturday night, followed by a fun-filled games night and Mexican food on Sunday. I was working til 6pm and totally shattered, but I’m so glad I went – we even won at Cranium! Continue reading The Weekend